What We Do

The Ethiopian Heritage Society in North America

At the Ethiopian Heritage Society in North America (EHSNA), our work is rooted in the celebration and preservation of the rich Ethiopian heritage. Our activities are diverse and impactful, designed to resonate with Ethiopians and Ethiopian Americans across generations. We believe in the power of cultural heritage to unite, educate, and inspire communities.


Celebrating Ethiopian Culture

Annual Ethiopian Festival

  • We organize concerts, art shows, and theatrical performances that highlight Ethiopian music, dance, and drama.
  • These events serve as a bridge between Ethiopia’s historical legacy and contemporary cultural expressions.

Cultural Events and Performances

  • Our flagship event in the Washington D.C. Metro Area, this three-day festival is a vibrant celebration of Ethiopian culture.
  • It features an array of activities including art exhibitions, stage productions, athletic events, and culinary showcases.
  • The festival is a platform for artists, musicians, and cultural enthusiasts to display the rich tapestry of Ethiopian heritage.
Tigray in Ethiopia

Educating and Connecting Communities

Lecture Series and Conferences

  • Our educational programs include lectures and conferences on topics ranging from Ethiopian history to contemporary issues facing the diaspora.
  • These events provide a forum for learning, discussion, and the exchange of ideas.

Youth Leadership and Scholarship Programs:

  • We focus on nurturing the next generation through leadership and scholarship initiatives.
  • These programs are designed to inspire and equip young Ethiopian Americans with the skills and knowledge to excel in various fields.

Preserving Ethiopian Heritage

Literary and Artistic Preservation

  • We sponsor events that celebrate Ethiopian literature, music, and arts, helping to keep these traditions vibrant and relevant.
  • These initiatives include supporting Ethiopian artists and writers, both in the diaspora and in Ethiopia.

Documenting and Archiving

  • Our efforts extend to documenting and archiving important aspects of Ethiopian culture and history.
  • This archival work is crucial for educational purposes and for future generations to explore and understand their heritage.
African children during Amharic language class in very remote school. The bricks that make up the walls of the school are made of clay and straw. There is no light and electricity inside the classroom

Building Community and Advocacy

Community Outreach

  • We engage in various community outreach activities, creating spaces where Ethiopians and Ethiopian Americans can connect and support each other.
  • Our events often serve as networking opportunities and platforms for community building.

Advocacy for Social Justice

  • EHSNA is committed to advocating for social justice, democracy, and human rights.
  • We strive to be a voice for the Ethiopian community in North America, addressing issues that affect our members both here and in Ethiopia