The guarantee of Ethiopia is renewed and revived by thousands – Awramba Times

Awramba Times (Washington DC) – Thousands of Ethiopians collectively vowed Ethiopianism in Washington DC, during a annual birthright Festival orderly by Ethiopian Heritage Society in North America.

“I would like to communicate my intense thankfulness to all who participated, orderly and done a eventuality a resounding success” a effusive boss Dr. Shakespeare Feyissa told Awramba Times. “I quite would like to appreciate a untiring house members in DC, all a websites including though not singular to Ethiomedia, Awramba times, ECADF, Ethiopian Review, abogida, Esat and all radio stations who publicized a eventuality and helped us tremendously” Shakespeare Added.

EHSNA also announces convicted-in-exile Abebe Gellaw to paint a respect of detained reporters as 2012 EHSNA guest of honors. Please click here to watch a video.

Atse TewodrosAwramba