The Ethiopian Heritage Society of North America Board is proud to announce the formation of the Ethiopian Heritage Society of North America

The Ethiopian Heritage Society of North America “EHSNA” Board is proud to announce the formation of the Ethiopian Heritage Society of North America a 501(c)(3) organization. EHSNA’s primary mission and vision is to promote, and preserve the rich heritage and traditions of our Ethiopian ancestors. EHSNA seeks to develop a strong link among the new generation of Ethiopians born and raised in the Diaspora, and to introduce our historical and cultural heritage to the Larger Community in our adopted country.

EHSNA plans to execute its stated mission and goal, among other measures, by holding an annual Ethiopian heritage week in Washington DC every summer that will attract Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia from over the world. Accordingly, EHSNA will host “Ethiopian Heritage Festival” to be celebrated annually on the first week of July. The festival will showcase the historical, cultural, artistic, athletic and culinary treasures, creativity and talent of our community at large. This will be achieved through the sponsorship of lecture series, stage productions, art exhibits, sporting events and the recognition of past and new achievements within the Ethiopian community both in the Diaspora & Ethiopia. EHSNA aims to bring together Ethiopians from all walks of life residing in North America and connect various Ethiopian organizations annually to amplify our rich culture.

EHSNA embraces values and celebrates Ethiopia’s wealth of cultural and philosophical diversities. EHSNA believes our common goals can only be accomplished through working together as individuals and groups. EHSNA encourages amicable, honest and respectful dialogue as the best way of addressing seemingly complex issues facing our society. EHSNA aspires to build open and trusting relationships within our community to advance excellence as a means of building a strong and viable community with a United Voice to become the master of our own destiny and to leave our footprints as we Celebrate and Discover Ethiopia. Furthermore, EHSNA strives to create role models for the new generation of Ethiopian youth.

We are aware our mission and goals are vast, our aspirations are high, and we accept our limitation to execute our stated objectives without the active involvement of our community. Therefore, we request the assistance, expertise, resources and support from members of our community to make this new organization a success. We call upon, and invite all Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia to join us in making the upcoming Ethiopian Heritage Festival in Washington D.C. a success and reflective of our stated mission and goals.

If you are interested in knowing more about EHSNA, volunteering, or joining us, you are invited to visit our website: Please direct your inquiries through our interactive website.

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