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Ethiopian Heritage Society of North America

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 23, 2011

Supporters Honored by Ethiopian Heritage Society

Agelgel Camp

In an overwhelming show of thanks, hundreds of people from the Ethiopian Diaspora community gathered for Agelgel Camp to honor the businesses and individuals who contributed so much to the success of the First Annual Ethiopian Heritage Festival, held at Georgetown University during July of this year.

Society Honors Sponsors

The Ethiopian Heritage Society of North America recognizes that the success of the first annual festival depended heavily on the businesses and individuals who offered their time, their money, and other resources in support of the festival. The society set up Agelgel Camp as a way to honor these sponsors.


Agelgel Camp Highly Attended

Over 400 people, from young kids to senior citizens packed the event that took place on October 8, 2011 at a park on Four Mile Run in the Arlington-D.C. Metro Area. Camp Agelgel was sponsored by many of the same businesses and individuals that helped at the annual festival. Camp Agelgel was a success as well because of their efforts. At this grand-scale picnic there were games for kids, plenty of barbecues, Ethiopian coffee ceremony  and other foods, and plenty of time to network with other attendees whose lives are touched by Ethiopia.

Second Festival to Follow

Since the First Annual Ethiopian Heritage Festival was considered a success, the heritage society plans to hold its Second Annual Festival during July of next year somewhere within the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Area. Exact times, dates, and places will be forthcoming. The society extended its thanks at Camp Agelgel and hopes that the support of the businesses and individuals in the community will be longstanding.


First Annual Festival Called a Success

The Society held its First Annual Ethiopian Heritage Festival, themed as “Celebrate and Discover Ethiopia,” this past July 1-3 at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. The festival showcased the historical, cultural, artistic, athletic, and culinary treasures, creativity, and talent from the Ethiopian community for the enjoyment and education of the public at large. As noted the Society will seek to hold a similar festival annually during the first week of July.


Why Agelgel Camp?

Every American knows that July is picnic month, the time for watermelons and barbecues. The word “agelgel” means “picnic basket.” So “Picnic Basket Camp” may not be quite the same as “Picnic Grounds,” but everybody, Ethiopian and American alike, understands the concept. Agelgels are sturdy boxes woven of tough grass and decorated with shells or beads; they also have a leather shoulder strap. In Ethiopia the boxes are loaded up with food and carried out for a picnic, or sometimes a longer sojourn.

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