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The Ethiopian Heritage Society is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to promoting Ethiopian culture through literature, music and the arts, enriching the lives of Ethiopians and Ethiopian American’s in our new adopted countries and promoting cross cultural understanding to be part of the cultural mosaic of North America., The Heritage Society provides a wide range of educational and cultural programs designed to provoke an awareness of the importance of history of Ethiopia. Membership is open to all Ethiopians, and friends of Ethiopia who supports the status of (EHSNA) and is willing to participate in the implementation of its mission and goals.As an Ethiopian Heritage Society member, you can support historic preservation and learn about Ethiopian history. Members receive discounted members’ pricing for classes and Event. In addition members are entitled to four free The Heritage Society’s quarterly newsletter,

For membership information, contact the
Membership Coordinator,

P.O. BOX 56414
Washington DC 20040


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  1. Hi there; we live in the state of North Carolina and would like to promote our culture and history similar to EHSNA, is there any advice you can provide us in order to help us create this type of organization to promote our culture and history in the growing Ethiopian population in both states of Carolina? Our community is not strong enough to bring all Ethiopians together or their mission is different than promoting our beloved country’s culture. We have strong Edir here but we did not want to involve the edir in the community work. Please give us your opinion on this so we can follow your organization’s foot step. Thank you.

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