Ethiopian Sports Federation Marks 30th Year of Games Sponsorship – EHSNA PR

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Ethiopian Heritage Society Supports 30th Annual Sports Event

In collaboration with its sister organization the Ethiopian Heritage Society in North America(EHSNA) is proud to congratulate the Ethiopian Sport Federation in North America (ESFNA) on 30th year of holding its annual sports rally. Last year, EHSNA postponed its activities to avoid conflict with the ESFNA games event.  As a result, both organizations had tremendous success with their respective activities in terms of attendance and the number of activities..

Last year’s sporting event was another terrific success for ESFNA. In a show of solidarity and support, EHSNA postponed its Second Annual Heritage Festival, planned for the first week of July. Since many wanted to attend both activities, it was a logical step on the part of EHSNA. The postponement was fueled to a great degree by a spirit of collaboration, cooperation, and a willingness to assist a sister organization of the Ethiopian Diaspora. In 2012, the event was held in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but for this anniversary the event will be held in Washington, D.C. starting on June 30 and ending on July 6.

Thanks to Those Helping Both Organizations

Both EHSNA and ESFNA owe a great debt to those who helped make the activities of both organizations unqualified successes. They extend thanks to the many attendees that participated and supported the activities and the vendors that were involved. The businesses that contributed, either with cash or in-kind donations, gave terrific drive to the success of the various activities.

Both organizations extend thanks in advance for any help that may be offered by businesses who helped in the past, and hopefully from new businesses who want to be a part of this year’s anticipated success. If the rate of growth experienced in the past is sustained, these two events will be the largest in the history of both organizations.

Ethiopian Sports Federation Praised for Years of Success

Ethiopian Heritage Society takes this opportunity to praise and celebrate the ESFNA for its extraordinary longevity – this will be its 30th year of holding the sports event. Sports activities have included soccer and other events.  The Ethiopian Heritage Society also praises the ESFNA for its efforts to thwart interference from outside its organization.

Ethiopian Heritage Society Approaches a Third Year of Success

Back in 2011, EHSNA held its first heritage festival in the first week of July. In deference to the activities of ESFNA last year the society moved the dates of its festival to end of July. The Third Annual Ethiopian Heritage Festival will commence at the end of the month, running from July 26 to 28. Details will be announced shortly. Diaspora Ethiopians, their families, and their friends, are urged to keep their calendars open so they can help celebrate the Ethiopian experience.

Community Contributes to This Year’s Lineup

The Ethiopian community has offered many recommendations to improve the upcoming Third Annual Ethiopian Heritage Festival. EHSNA has considered them all and adopted the best. Those ideas, along with the experience of those leading the success of the last two festivals, allow the society to promise a unique and family-oriented experience. The coming festival will showcase some extraordinary entertaining events to make this festival the best ever.

This year events will include a soccer tournament, track and field competitions, children amba, live band music by Legend, famous Ethiopian singers, a continuous art exhibition, and other exciting activities for  three consecutive days. More cerebral events will include lectures and educational panel discussions on various aspects of the rich Ethiopian heritage that has devolved on us through our ancestors. All are invited to join in and celebrate the Ethiopian experience.

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