Ethiopian Heritage Society in North America (EHSNA) Summer Festival In Washington D.C.

4th-EHSNA-festival1-625x937To Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia!

Ethiopian Heritage Society in North America (EHSNA) 2014

The Ethiopian Heritage Society in North America (EHSNA) would like to announce its 4th annual summer festival that will take place from July 25th to 27th 2014. Our festival will take place at Georgetown University (GU) in Washington DC, where we have held our past three events, and we consider GU to be our home.

Our summer event is our biggest event of the years, and besides introducing and promoting our rich culture and heritage, we feature a multifaceted activity that is geared towards and inclusive of all ages that come to our events. Our purpose has always been to create a familial event where both parents and children and everyone can participate together. In our past three events, we have made sure to particularly focus on children, and we will continue to do so.

So what do we have planned for this year’s event? On our first day, which is Friday, will be community oriented where we will have poetry, drama, discussions, and presentations. Unlike our subsequent two events, this event will be held at 1 Veterans Pl, Silver Spring, MD 20910.Washington D.C. Ethiopian Heritage Society in North America (EHSNA) 2014

On our second day, field day, as always, we will begin our soccer and athletic events while having some entertainment congruently. Lastly, for our closing, we will award winners in the sports, scholarship programs, and honors.

4th-EHSNA-festival2-625x937In short, the purpose of the EHSNA remains as preserving our culture, celebrating our identity, strengthening our community, and connecting Ethiopians from all walks of life. Anyone is welcome to participate irrespective of their religious or political backgrounds. So please come and celebrate with us along with your friends and families. We encourage you to not only participate in our events, but register as volunteers and hopefully register and become active members of the EHSNA. As a member of the EHSNA, you will be strengthening the organization’s capacity to serve the community better.

To vendors, please apply right away as we have limited space. The early you register, the better your chances. You can simply apply online.

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