Ethiopian Diaspora Organizations Collaborate and Cooperate on Sports and Heritage Events – EHSNA PR

Ethiopian Diaspora Organizations Show Solidarity

In a show of solidarity that is common and expected in the Ethiopian Diaspora community, the Ethiopian Heritage Society of North America (EHSNA) has agreed to defer its Ethiopian Heritage Festival so that it does not conflict with the sporting events being promoted by the Ethiopian Sports Federation of North America (ESFNA).

Because of timing conflicts, many Diaspora Ethiopians came forward to express that they did not want to miss either event. The EHSNA Heritage Festival, going on its second year, was initially held in the first week in July in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. ESFNA is approaching its 29th year of holding its annual sporting events in early July in Dallas, Texas. In a show of support, the younger of the two organizations, EHSNA, has agreed to move it’s Heritage Festival to the Labor Day weekend.

The Ethiopian Sports Federation will hold its sports events in Dallas from July 1 to July 7. The Ethiopian Heritage Festival will be held in September, using the three-day, Labor Day weekend to its full advantage. Exact times, dates, and places will be announced. The festival, now entering its second year, will probably be held in the D.C. area, as it was in the preceding year.

Praise for the Ethiopian Sports Federation

The Heritage Society takes this opportunity to praise and celebrate the Ethiopian Sports Federation for its longevity – this will be its 29th year of holding the sports events. The Heritage Society also praises the Sports Federation for its efforts to thwart the reach of the illegitimate TPLF government now in power in Ethiopia.

That regime had been trying to reform the Sports Federation to work on its behalf. The Federation has managed to fend off the regime’s efforts to subvert their organization. The regime wanted to make the Sports Federation a satellite from which to influence or spy on other Ethiopian Diaspora organizations and communities.

The Ethiopian Heritage Society Approaches a Second Year of Success

The Ethiopian Heritage Society held its First Annual Ethiopian Heritage Festival in early July of 2011, with the theme, “Celebrate and Discover Ethiopia!” The festival showcased the historical, cultural, artistic, athletic, and culinary treasures, creativity, and talent from the Ethiopian community for the enjoyment and education of the public at large.

After the festival, the Heritage Society hosted Camp Agelgel the following September. Camp Agelgel was a thanksgiving event with many participants and many activities. It was held to thank the businesses and individuals in the Ethiopian Diaspora who helped make the first Ethiopian Heritage Festival such a success.

Second Ethiopian Heritage Festival Promises an Even Better Experience

Details for the Second Annual Heritage Festival, to be held this year around Labor Day, will be announced as soon as possible. The Washington Metro Area will probably be the site. Those wishing to attend should keep their calendars open for the first weekend in September. This second annual festival will set the tone for future festivals in that it will be bigger and better than the last. Not only will there be fantastic entertainment, but also events that will reflect the Ethiopian heritage and solidarity within the Ethiopian Diaspora community. Youngsters are especially welcome so that they can understand and appreciate their Ethiopian heritage.

Keeping Ethiopian Heritage Alive

Diaspora Ethiopians should also look to join the Ethiopian Sports Federation in Dallas, Texas. Participants can enjoy and partake in their sporting events and their celebration of the heritage of the Ethiopian Diaspora Community. Friends and members of the Ethiopian Heritage Society of North America and the Ethiopian Sports Federation of North America, ask all interested folks to attend and enjoy both events.

If you are an appreciator of Ethiopia and its peoples, or if you love your heritage and seek to preserve it for yourself and for our younger generations, this is an easy way and a fun way to become or to remain involved. We may not be able to call Ethiopia as home right now, but we still can retain our heritage and our love of the land. Both EHSNA and ESFNA are working to sustain that love and that heritage.