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EHSNA Marks the 119th Victory Anniversary of the Battle of Adwa


The Ethiopian Heritage Society in North America (EHSNA) will be marking the 119th monumental victory anniversary of the Battle of Adwa in which the Ethiopian army led by Emperor Minilik II defeated the invading Italian army on March 1, 1896.


EHSNA will celebrate the Victory of Adwa in honor and recognition of the Ethiopian masses who, under the leadership of Emperor Minilik II fought and defeated the Italian invaders who had provoked this war and came with intent to colonize Ethiopia. It will be remembered that in March 1896 Ethiopians had fought and died in unity regardless of ethnicity to keep Ethiopia a free and independent country. This was the period when colonialism, under European powers had flourished throughout Africa and Ethiopia was one of the independent countries which had never been colonized.


The victory of the Battle of Adwa has been a noteworthy factor in the history of Ethiopia. EHSNA celebrates the fact that Ethiopia, under the leadership of Emperor Minilik II totally decimated the invading Italian army in the Battle of Adwa, made her a symbol of independence and a pride for black people around the world. It is no wonder that the colors of the Ethiopia’s flag [Green, Yellow and Red] have been adopted by many African countries after they gained independence. Its influence on the concepts of racial and gender equality can’t be minimized either.


As in the past, the Ethiopian Heritage Society in North America (EHSNA) is again ready organizing an event for the fourth time to be held on Sunday March 1st, 2015 at the Civic Building, One Veteran Place in Silver Spring, MD (Heart downtown of Silver Spring) to commemorate the 119th Anniversary Battle of Adwa and its influence on the concepts of racial and gender equality.


Historians and scholars have been invited to speak about the battle and its significance as a turning point in the histories and heritages of Ethiopia, Africa, Europe and America. In addition, various entertaining programs including a showcase of Live cultural music by young Ethio-American Students Traditional Eskista (Dance) Group led by Thomas Young, an African American artist who mastered the unique art of the body movement of Ethiopian traditional dancer. In addition, a short drama and others will be included in the event to magnificence the commemoration of the 119th victory anniversary of Adwa.


EHSNA will also, at this event memorialize the historic and pioneer Etege Tayitu Hotel in Addis Ababa, which was part of Ethiopian heritage but was recently destroyed by arson. A similar memorization will be held for the legendary public library “Wemezeker” which had served many scholars since its opening in 1944. As you may already be aware, valuable and ancient historical books and other chronological manuscripts, documents and related collections of this national library were recently sold out to foreigners.


EHSNA strongly encourages all Ethiopians, Ethio-Americans and friends of Ethiopia to join us in celebrating the 119th Anniversary of the Victory of the Battle of Adwa.


For your convenience the event will be FREE ADMISSION & FREE PARKING. For more information please visit our main website ( or call us @ 202-596-1964.