EHSNA Denounce the Brutuality against Ethiopian Immigrants By Saudi Security Forces & Vigilants

The Ethiopian Heritage Society in North America (“EHSNA”) hereby demands an immediate stop to the cruel, callous, and unjustified killing, raping, and beatings of Ethiopian immigrants by the government Saudi Arabian Security forces and Police backed youth Vigilantes.

Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia enjoyed a peaceful and fraternal relationship in the past dating back in earlier centuries. As history attest, the Prophet Mohammed had sent his followers to Ethiopia and when they were persecuted in mecca Saudi Arabia in the 7th century. He described Ethiopia as a land of justice and her kind of righteous. Hence that was called the first Hijra in the history of Islam.

Further, today there large farms and fertile lands were given to the Saudi investors far below the market price. Yet, in the past few weeks, the Saudi Security forces and youth backed by the government have been engaged in shameful act of violence against Ethiopians. The Security forces and the vigilante youth have brutally executed Ethiopians on the street, raped and abducted young women, and severely beaten defenseless hundreds using many types of weapons.

As many Ethiopians around the world are following this grave act of gross act of Human Rights violations with shock and dismay, we at the EHSNA call upon all human rights organization, the United Nations, and the U.S. government to intervene in stopping the brutal killings without any delay. We also call upon the Kingdome of the Saudi Arabian government authorities to launch an investigation on this issue. The Kingdome should issue an order to stop further killings, rape, and beatings by both the security forces and the Police back youth SHABAB. EHSNA shall explore all avenues and ways to bring these crimes against Humanity to the forefront of the International community’s attention. The unspeakable harsh measures and acts that have taken place in last few days in Saudi shall not be acceptable, should not be allowed to continue, and will no longer be tolerated.

EHSNA Board and its supporters are disturbed, seriously troubled, and are working with all concerned to bring justice to our citizens. What is more shocking and outrageous is Saudi security forces engage in such act of extrajudicial killings, rape, and beatings without any recourse. We will not stand silently at this time and age when our citizens are beaten to death on the street, young girls and women raped indiscriminately, and thousands beaten and arrested. We shall work with other in brining justice for the innocent, poor, defenseless Ethiopians slaughtered in the streets of Saud Arabia.

We would like to stress our call to stop the violence. We would like to renew and join all Ethiopians in our call upon the Saudi government to bring to justice those responsible for act of savagery. The action taken against Ethiopians by the Saudi citizens and Security forces is unjustifiable by reason, religion, or International law. EHSNA is following all development and news concerning this matter. EHSNA shall assist and join hands with others in an effort to obtain justice for Ethiopian Immigrants who are subjected to indescribable suffering by Saud Arabian Security forces and Police backed youth.

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