Congratulation to EHSNA, By Robele Ababya

Board of the Ethiopian Heritage Society
Ethiopian Heritage Society in North America (EHSNA)
1001 – 4th Avenue, Plaza Suite #3200, Seattle, WA98154

Re: The 1st Annual Ethiopian Heritage Festival – July 1-3/2011

It is with humility and immeasurable delight that I congratulate the pioneers who came together and conceived the farsighted vision, which culminated in the forming of EHSA – having been in that effort inspired by patriotic love of Motherland Ethiopia and motivated by the rich repertoire of her heritage amassed over thousands of years.

The invitation issued to Judge Birtukan Mideksa to grace the occasion by her awe-inspiring charismatic presence is further testimony to the foresight and wisdom of the Board of what it means to millions of Ethiopians who idolized her as Lady Liberty, Lady Truth, and Icon Judge. It is also a wonderful opportunity for the Icon Judge to mingle among her ardent supporters who had worked so hard to secure her release from the infamous Qaliti dungeon where she was unlawfully kept in solitary confinement in a dark prison cell.

In the context of universally accepted scientific findings, Ethiopia is indisputably the origin of mankind; it is as well widely recognized truth by reputed scholars that the early civilization of our ancient country is indigenous at least comparable to that of Egypt. On both counts we Ethiopians should be immensely proud as owners of globally recognized ancient civilization and mosaic cultural values accumulated over thousands of years. It is fitting to celebrate the momentous Festival with exuberant joy and crown the occasion with solemn pledge to preserve, guard and protect our unique heritage.

EHSNA will constitute an unbreakable bond with citizens at home; it will be a strong voice for Ethiopia from its location in the land of the brave and free. It goes without say that all Ethiopians have vital stake in bolstering it.

EHSNA embodies the diverse but inseparable heritage of all Ethiopians irrespective of ethnic origin or creed. Further research in this age of information will reveal more of our shared values that will bring us closer. Therefore, investing in this Society by all Ethiopians everywhere will definitely fetch a hefty return in terms of unity, prosperity and democracy.

It is my ardent hope and fervent prayer that the sterling work of the Board so far done will continue to bear fruit so that EHSNA endure uninterrupted.



Robele Ababya,

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