The mission of The Ethiopian Heritage Society of North America is to promote and preserve the rich heritage and traditions of our Ethiopian ancestors as well as create connectivity to the present, thereby leaving a footprint for the coming generation.

The Ethiopian Heritage Society of North America “EHSNA” is organized to serve and educate the Ethiopian Diaspora, as an institution it is dedicated to the enhancement and furtherance of our historical legacy, literary, music and arts, by sponsoring a multitude of activities and programs.  Fostering awareness of citizenship, scholarship and youth leadership, The Ethiopian Heritage Society of North America “EHSNA” builds bridges between the past, present and the future by promoting a fraternal attitude of respect for new ideas while nurturing and preserving our historical heritage.

The Ethiopian Heritage Society of North America” EHSNA” will host an annual (3) day Festival to be held in the District of Columbia every year on the first week of July.  The festival will showcase the historical, cultural, artistic, athletic and culinary treasures, creativity and talent of our community at large.  This will be achieved through the sponsorship of lecture series, stage productions, art exhibits, athletic activities and the recognition of past and new achievements within the Ethiopian community both in the Diaspora & Ethiopia.  Our goal is to bring together cross generationally Ethiopians and Ethiopian Americans/Canadians of all walks of life and Ethiopian organizations together annually to amplify our cultural diversity and to ‘Celebrate & Discover Our Heritage’.

Core Value:

The Ethiopian Heritage Society of North America “EHSNA“ embrace diversity and values collaboration and we believe our goals can only be accomplished through working together as individuals & groups. We encourage open honest and respectful dialogue as the best way of addressing complex issues.  Our aim is to build open and trusting relationships within our community and to encourage Excellence as a means of building a strong and viable community with a united Voice to become the master of our own destiny.

The Ethiopian Heritage Society is committed to social justices and freedom from which democracy springs.  Democracy requires mutual respect, patience, the ability to compromise and achieve a common objective, an intention that transcends narrow self interest, and an integrity that fosters trust.  In short freedom without responsibility will not build community or democracy.  We, aim to be role models for the new generation of Ethiopians and Ethiopian descendants born in the Diaspora.

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